Mustang Front Fenders and Hoods

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made in usa moving label

No longer available !
Made in U S A - Made from Original Ford
They are the same gauge & weight as original and are E-
black. They are date coded concourse correct.
According to MCA Gold Judges, August date code is
acceptable for all production dates.
mustang hoods



1964 1/2 - has lips on front as original 
               February date coded 495.00 ea  US
1965-66 450.00 ea
1967-68  without turn signals 450.00 ea
1967-68  with turn signals 450.00 ea
1969-70 450.00 ea

classic parts made from original tooling ford motor company

No longer available !

1965 - 66 right or left front fender 450.00 ea US
              (next run will be date coded) 
1967        right or left front fender 450.00 ea
1968        right or left front fender 450.00 ea

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Parts are packaged in a heavy box with a huge "Ford Motor Company" logo on the side.

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