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Woolcock Antique Auto Parts
Ford truck gas tank

1953-1955 Ford
original style fuel tank
mounts under cab on side
running board mounts
Gas Tanks

Ford Truck Fuel / Gas tank and parts
1948 - 1979

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 Original style new ford gas tank truck 1953 to 1955 fuel tank mounts under cab
Ford Truck Fuel/Gas tank and parts
1948 to 1952 Ford truck gas tank, sending unit,
1953 to 1955 Ford truck gas tank, sending unit & straps
1956 Ford truck gas tank, sending unit
1957 to 1960 Ford truck gas tank, sending unit
1961 to 1970 Ford truck gas tank, sending unit

Sending unit only
1961 to 1977 Ford truck gas tank sending unit (with in cab tank)
1973 to 1979 Ford truck gas tank sending unit
1973 to 1979 Ford truck gas tank sending unit (with mid frame fuel tank)
1977 to 1979 Ford truck gas tank sending unit (with mid frame fuel tank 4X4 only)
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